Tropical Cyclone Vayu: Colossal storm with 100mph winds headed for India - ‘Huge impact’ A COLOSSAL cyclone is on its way towards India, threatening the lives of … As of 18 June, eight people are reported to have been killed either directly or indirectly by the cyclone, and at least 12 more injured. A formative eye began to develop on 11 June, as intense deep convection wrapped tightly around the system. In Gujarat, coastal areas of Saurashtra have started experiencing the effect of the Vayu cyclone with strong wind and heavy rain since this afternoon. Cyclone Vayu poised to hit India as year’s second major storm. As a precaution, the local government in the Kutch district of northern Gujarat asked salt pan workers in coastal areas from Bhachau to Mundra to stay home from work. Question: Cyclones cause widespread devastation and damage to India’s coastal cities. Vayu, meaning ‘wind’ in Hindi, is reportedly going to bring the largest storm the northwest part of India has seen in decades. [18] Six hours later, the JTWC assessed one-minute sustained winds as having reached 65 km/h (40 mph), and designated the system as Tropical Cyclone 02A. In a tweet early today, Western Railway said, "Keeping in mind safety & security of passengers in view of #VayuCyclone affecting Gujarat, 46 more trains are cancelled & another nine trains are short terminated/originated with partial cancellation, as a precautionary measure in the cyclone-prone areas." The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has pre-positioned 25 teams, comprising about 45 personnel each, and the rescuers are … [9] A pedestrian was killed and two others were injured when an aluminium cladding sheet fell from Churchgate railway station. About 65-75 cyclones arise in the world every year. [33] Vayu's slow westward track through the weak competing steering environment over the northern Arabian Sea brought the system into an environment of high easterly vertical wind shear. [40] Soon afterwards, the IMD issued their final advisory on the system after Vayu degenerated into a well-marked low-pressure area, just before crossing the Gujarat coast near the India–Pakistan border. The western state of Gujarat is likely to be hit hard by its first cyclone in more than 20 years. [39] The system was downgraded further to a depression by the IMD six hours later. Once the system gains enough strength and intensifies into a cyclone, it will be named Cyclone Vayu—a name given by India. [5][6][7][8][9], The name Vayu was provided by India, and is derived from a Sanskrit and Hindi word meaning 'wind'. Cyclone Vayu is expected to make the landfall on Gujarat and Diu coastlines on Thursday afternoon. Tropical Cyclone Vayu is fast approaching the western state of Gujarat in India, and could impact the lives of six million people. [17] This was further upgraded to an orange alert on 11 June. Cyclone Vayu Impact: Mumbaikars enjoy the first monsoon shower while Mumbai Police warns citizens to avoid visiting beaches BCCL | Last updated on - … The Cyclone can collide between Gujarat’s Porbandar to Mahua and in between Veraval. Cyclone Vayu made an impact in nearby Mumbai too, with nearly 400 flights being affected due to bad weather. The India Met Department (IMD) has ramped up the expected top wind speed of the very severe cyclone Vayu from 145-155 km/hr to 170-180 km/hr at the time of landfall.After crossing the Porbandar-Verava Tropical cyclones … Nearly 300,000 people in … [23] The intensification trend then slowed, however, with three-minute sustained winds only increasing further to 150 km/h (90 mph) by 12:00 UTC. While Vayu is unlikely to result in widespread destruction, the cyclone. [52][56] Strong wind caused the 150-year-old Bhuteshwar Mahadev temple in Porbandar to collapse and a metal shed at Somnath Temple to be damaged. 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It was the strongest tropical cyclone to affect the Saurashtra Peninsula of northwestern India since the 1998 Gujarat cyclone. According to weathermen, initial weather conditions were already not favourable for a good start to the Monsoon and this cyclonic storm Vayu was final nail in the coffin. Cyclones are referred to as typhoons in the Pacific Ocean, cyclones in the Indian Ocean and hurricanes in America. An official said the impact of Cyclone Vayu, which is expected to make landfall in Gujarat this week, will be witnessed to a certain extent in Delhi. Cyclone Vayu: The Gujarat government has launched a massive evacuation exercise as cyclone 'Vayu' continued to advance towards its coast. The highest impact of cyclone Vayu will be witnessed in Veravel, Porbandar, Junagadh, Diu, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Dwarka and Kutch. Vayu's intensity was now equivalent to a minimal Category 3 major hurricane on the SSHWS, with one-minute sustained winds of 185 km/h (115 mph). [44], Tropical cyclones are relatively infrequent in northwestern India and the northern Arabian Sea. Airports Authority of India has informed that the impact of cyclone Vayu has been milder and there has been no damage to most airports in Gujarat. [8][63], Moderate to heavy rainfall occurred in more than 100 tehsils across Gujarat. The anticlockwise rotation of the cyclone's wind field caused typical cool onshore winds to be replaced by hot winds from the desert to the north. Vayu … [73][74] The formation of Cyclone Vayu caused a further week's delay in the monsoon's progression towards northern India by drawing clouds and moisture over the Arabian Sea, away from the developing monsoon trough. [14][16] Vertical wind shear also continued to decrease as the depression tracked steadily north-northwestwards parallel to the western coast of India under the influence of an anticyclone over central India. The family of the deceased victim received ₹500,000 (US$7,000) as an ex gratia payment from the railway company. Cyclone Vayu spares Gujarat, changes course towards Oman. However, as a result of its post effects, south/south-westerlies have commenced over the state. The impact of cyclone Vayu has been milder at most airports in Gujarat and there has been no damage to aerodromes' infrastructure so far, Airports Authority of India said. Vayu originated from a low-pressure area that was first noted by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) on 9 June, near the northern Maldives. Cyclone Vayu To Make Landfall on June 13 in Gujarat. Forecast position of Cyclone Vayu as per different models as on Thursday, June 13, 3:30 pm IST. Tropical Cyclone Vayu was fading as it neared the coast of southwestern Pakistan and northwestern India. [3] Despite initially being forecast to make landfall in the state of Gujarat, Vayu turned abruptly to the west on 13 June and moved away from the coast. The Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Vayu which was expected to make a … Cyclone Vayu is raging its way towards Gujarat's coastline and is expected to make landfall by Thursday morning here. Date: 18 June 2019: Source: Own work: Author: Nizil Shah: Licensing . The system degenerated into a well-marked low-pressure area late on 17 June, just before crossing the Gujarat coast. The cyclonic storm, named Vayu, was 800 km south-southwest of Mumbai on Monday and is likely to cause an adverse impact in terms of wind and … ; Cyclones are sustained by very strong low-pressure areas at their core. [34] The majority of deep convection became confined to the cyclone's southern quadrants,[34] causing the system to weaken to a severe cyclonic storm at 00:00 UTC on 16 June. [43] The IMD warned that thatched houses in the path of the cyclone were likely to be completely destroyed, and that kutcha houses could sustain significant damage. Thus, good rain and thundershower activities are expected over the coastal stations of Maharashtra today and tomorrow as well. At least 40 to 45 boats were damaged due to the impact of Cyclone Vayu as very strong winds hit the region and the sea turned rough. [66], Cyclone Vayu also caused impacts in other parts of India. [59][60] The prolonged strong winds generated waves of around 4 m (13 ft) high along large parts of coastline. Vayu is much weaker than Fani. After consolidating into a depression, the storm tracked slowly north-northwestward over the eastern Arabian Sea, and reached cyclonic storm intensity late on 10 June. Gujarat Government has made plan for the next 30 hours. Beginning on the morning of 12 June, the Indian government evacuated approximately 300,000 people living in coastal regions of Gujarat to 2000 shelter homes,[1][45][46] as well as 10,000 people from the nearby island of Diu. The IMD warned that heavy rainfall and large waves were expected, and had the potential to inundate low-lying areas such as the coastal salt marshes. Blame Cyclone Vayu, El Niño. The El Niño nightmare was already haunting Monsoon 2019, when Cyclone Vayu further added to the fury.Skymet Weather had already predicted poor rainfall for June to the tune of 77% in April itself. High and turbulent waves more than 6-meter-tall are forecasted along the coast of Karnataka. "Around 561 feeder lines in Saurashtra and south Gujarat are affected due to the impact of cyclone Vayu. Though the … [24] Vayu's intensity soon plateaued as ocean heat content began to decrease and drier air began to infiltrate the cyclone's circulation. Get latest News Information, Articles on Cyclone Vayu Impact Updated on August 23, 2020 04:19 with exclusive Pictures, photos & videos on Cyclone Vayu Impact at [6][8] A motorist was also killed after being hit by a falling tree on the side of the road while driving home. Cyclone Vayu unlikely to impact Kerala, yellow alert in a few districts. A formative eye began to develop on 11 June, as intense deep convection wrapped tightly around the system. India's National Disaster Response Force says it has deployed 52 teams to deal with the impact of Tropical Cyclone Vayu. Delhi ANI. Cyclone Vayu: 63-year-old Mumbai man becomes first casualty as hoarding falls on him. Live updates: Cyclone Vayu * The MeT department alerted that though the eye of the cyclone may or may not hit Porbandar, the system will still have an impact on the coastal regions. What are the security arrangements of the Gujarat government? [citation needed], As the system intensified into a deep depression, the IMD issued a pre-cyclone watch for the coastline of the state of Gujarat. Dry air and wind shear were preventing development the development of thunderstorms, making the clouds on the storm’s western side appear wispy in an image from NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite. Meanwhile, the impact of the cyclone ‘ Vayu ‘ started appearing in Maharashtra, many trees dashed by strong winds in Mumbai. [68] Crude oil and plastic waste were washed up onto beaches on the Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg coasts by waves generated by Vayu. Winds in surrounding areas are forced to rush towards these low-pressure areas. Date: 18 June 2019: Source: Own work: Author: Nizil Shah: Licensing . Due to Cyclone Vayu, power supply has been disrupted in around 560 villages. [1][51][10] Personnel from the state reserve police were deployed to the region, as well as 300 commandos from the state marine police. Effects of Cyclones and Hurricanes: i. [1][10][52][53] Police officers also conducted night patrols to ensure that no residents were left behind in evacuated areas. The northward progression of monsoon can be expected two to three days after that. The system weakened gradually as it tracked slowly towards the Arabian Peninsula, then weakened more quickly after beginning to accelerate back towards India on 16 June. "Citizens shud not venture into sea & should keep safe distance from shore-line. Vayu's remnants continued inland for another day, before dissipating on 19 June. [1] All flights at airports in Porbandar, Diu, Bhavnagar, Keshod and Kandla were grounded from midnight local time on 13 June, and 77 train services cancelled and 38 others shortened. "It (Cyclone Vayu) is very likely to cause an adverse impact in terms of wind and rainfall over Saurashtra and Kutch, mainly on June 13 and 14," a statement by the MeT department said. Mitigation measures can help in effective disaster management during cyclones. The cyclone is expected to reach land by Thursday, 13 June.