Dzorwulu, Accra Mode of action:  Belt Expert acts by contact and ingestion through systemic activity. Our Application Technology experts offer you free support service regarding the application of our products and also help … Côte d'Ivoire Sasaran hama: Padi sawah: penggerek batang scirpophaga incertulas. Shake the product well before use. considerations for the proposed registration of BELT 480 SC INSECTICIDE and BELT 240 WG INSECTICIDE, which contain the new active constituent flubendiamide. Angle rue Pierre et Marie Curie/Rue Paul Langevin 264-1025 EPA Est. Market Segments … Dzorwulu, Accra На ви знайдете інструкцію для інсектицида Белт 480 SC з дозволеного переліку в Україні. Pour 3l of water into a spraying container and add a 100ml bottle to treat 1 ha. Over the last 20 plus years, we have seen many types of timing belts. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to Belt 480 SC and other Group 28 insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect population. Our key, new-generation insecticides Belt® and Movento® can both be used to protect many different types of vegetables. DL 50 (oral) < 2.000 mg/kg Fruit, Veg & Viticulture. Діюча речовина — флубендіамід. October 30, 2017 November 25, 2017 Editor. 480 g/L Flubendiamide (Group 28). Belt 480SC 1LT. Read more Annual Press Conference 2020 09/09/2020 At the annual press conference the management informed local press representatives about the past business year and current challenges and projects. It consists of Flubendiamide and Thiacloprid, two active ingredients that effectively fight against defoliating caterpillars, sucking and biting insects. … Merek: Bayer Kode Produk: Belt01 Ketersediaan: Tersedia. Formulation Type Suspension concentrate. Usages Culture Cibles Dose Période d’application Cotonnier Lépidoptères, pucerons, mouches blanches, acariens 0,1 – 0,15 L/Ha Pour les deux premiers traitements (T1&T2) ; 35 à 45 jours après la levée Recommandations Bien secouer le produit … BELT EXPERT ® 480 SC Belt Expert® is an insecticide to fight parasites on cotton and fruit crops. Belt 480 SC Crop Protection. Table 1: Demand And Supply For Leather Belts: Indonesia Price ($) Quantity Demanded 0 540 480 Quantity Supplied 0 10 60 20 … No. Add to Wishlist. Belt SC 480 is a suspension concentrate containing 480 flubendiamide g a.i./l Mode of action: Flubendiamide causes constant opening of the ryanodine receptor allowing uncontrolled movement of calcium which lead to generalized muscle contraction (rapid paralysis) which leads to larval death. Foliar Spray Applications Ground applications: A minimum of 10.0 gallons of diluted product/A. TOTAL:..... 100% EPA Reg. Препаративна форма — КС. BELT EXPERT 480 SC: 20 bottles x 100ml per carton and 312L per pallet. on chewing pests Belt® 480 SC Insecticide Belt is a fast-acting and long-lasting solution for the control of various chewing (lepidopteran) pests in a range of vegetable crops and strawberries. Add the required volume of water to treat 1 ha. Belt Expert® is an insecticide to fight parasites on cotton and fruit crops. Belt ® Expert Flubendiamide 19.92% + Thiacloprid 19.92% w/w SC (480 SC) Belt Expert, an innovative and highly effective crop protection product with the most modern chemistry. Deskripsi Belt expert 480 SC isi 250 ml Insektisida pestisida. Gardens & Amenities. Tél: +225 21 21 61 11 BELTTM SC Insecticide contains 4 pounds of flubendiamide per US gallon (480 grams per liter). Marcory – Zone 4C – The King Group has been selling timing belts since 1989, that’s a lot years of experience. For insecticide resistance management Belt 480 SC Insecticide is a Group 28 insecticide. Availability: Out of stock SKU: 4009150I. For milling machines that require a specialized dual-sided timing & ribbed/micro-v belt, the optibelt OMEGA RB has no equal. See specifications. Belt 480 SC; Belt 480 SC Bion 50WG. Country of certification: Benin, CILSS, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo (available in 2014), Common Name: Flubendiamide + thiacloprid (240 + 240g/L), Formulation type: Suspension concentrate (SC), Chemical Family:  Acide diamide phtalique/ Neonicotinoides. Marcory – Zone 4C – Ghana. In order to achieve the professional designation of IASSC Certified Lean Expert (IASSC-CLE™) from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, candidates must sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Expert Exam and … Due to this mode of action, there is no cross resistance to conventional insecticides. Bahan aktif : Flubendiamida 240 g/l Tiakloprid: 240 g/l Nomor pendaftaran: RI01010120144893 Bentuk formulasi : Pekatan suspense Warna formulasi : Putih kekuningan Cara kerja : Kontak Toksisitas Kemasan: 100ml, 250ml Insektisida racun kontak dan lambung … Belt 480SC Insecticide. This mode of … Fax: +225 (0) 21 35 94 95, BCS – Crop Protection BELT EXPERT 480 SC. For the control of various lepidopteran pests in vegetable crops . Belt 480 SC is compatible with integrated pest management (IPM) production systems. Apex Square, 1st floor So if you are not 100% certain what type of timing belt to order, you can trust us as your timing belt expert. Angle rue Pierre et Marie Curie/Rue Paul Langevin Bateleur gold 650EC. Côte d'Ivoire NO - 6 Motorway Extension Belt is ‘soft’ on most beneficial species and pollinators (when used as directed), so it fits very well into IPM programs. Belt Expert 480 SC cotton insecticide is now registered in Côte d'Ivoire. Nurseries & Cut Flowers. CLASSICAL V-BELTS DIN 2215 / ISO 4184 5 Y/6 8 Z/10 A/13 B/17 20 C/22 25 D/32 E/40 Nominal length Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Inside length L i Nominal lengths unit mm mm mm mm mm mm … Belt Expert 480 SC 100 X 100 ml. Bahan aktif: – Flubendiamida 240 g/l – Tiakloprid 240 g/l. For the first two treatments (T2&T2) : 35 to 45 days after sprouting. Se caracteriza por su eficacia en el control de lepidópteros, siendo especialmente indicado para el control de polillas … Quantity per carton and per palet:  20 bottles x 100 ml per carton and 312 L per pallet, WHO classification: II Xn, N Препарат Белт 480 sc, група Інсектициди. Fruit, Veg & Viticulture. A non-systemic insecticide used to control certain pests in a wide range of crops. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia. Description Size Guide Pack Size … Belt® 480 SC Insecticide 1/10 Version 1 / AUS Revision Date: 05.10.2016 102000010980 Print Date: 05.10.2016 1/10 SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER 1.1 Product identifier Trade name Belt® 480 SC Insecticide Product code (UVP) 06364705 1.2 Relevant identified uses of the … Belt 480 SC Crop Protection. Jml: 0 review | Tulis review. Belt Expert 480 SC acts by contact and ingestion with systemic action. Belt Expert 480 SC cotton insecticide is now registered in Côte d'Ivoire. #insektisidabeltexpert#insektisidabelt#beltexpert#belt#beltbayer#sundep#beluk#penggerekbatang DL 50 (dermal) > 2.000 mg/kg. Jenis: Insektisida racun kontak dan lambung untuk mengendalikan hama pada tanaman padi sawah. Belt 480 SC Insecticide Product Label Belt is fast acting with long-residual effect and no known cross-resistance. Belt Expert 480SC 100ml Obat Hama Ulat Tanaman Belum ada ulasan untuk produk ini Jadilah yang pertama membeli produk ini dan memberikan ulasan Diskusi (0) 30 BP 572 Abidjan 30 Tél: +225 21 21 61 11 Belt Expert 480 SC complements the range of Bayer Crop Science cotton already in the area to better fight against cotton pests and ensure a good harvest of the cotton grower Through our vegetable seeds brand … Rinse the bottle 3 times by pouring the rinsing water into the spraying tank. Both products are proposed for use as foliar insecticides for the control of diamondback moth, cabbage white butterfly, cluster caterpillar, soybean looper and heliothis in … US79397887F (121114Fv2) LABMC BELT SC (DEU) 480 1 GALLON APPLICATION GUIDELINES For all insects, timing of application should be based on careful scouting and local thresholds. Belt Expert acts by contact and ingestion through systemic activity. Apex Square, 1st floor Bayer CropScience in West and Central Africa, » Fax: +225 (0) 21 35 94 95, BCS – Crop Protection Empty packages well and perforate them, burn them at a place far from your residence and animal stables or bury them in a 30cm hole at 50 m away from any water body or throw them in a landfill dump while complying with local regulations.