Stop here at this collection of bronze sculptures for a few minutes. Add this to my bucket list: once the service is done, the funeral party begins the walk down to the cemetery, the procession starts to pick up speed. Most will appreciate the … Baton Rouge, La. Old tradition is synonymous with New Orleans. Today we were dealing with near average, January temperatures, but another warm up will be beginning shortly. Below it is a large "Mark Twain" and his birth and death dates. Pin Share Email Celia Peterson / Getty Images You'll usually find food vendors along the route, and most Second Lines also start and end at neighborhood bars (and sometimes visit a few along the way), so libations are plentiful. If you like, you can add “Miss” before each girl’s name. This is called the Brass Band Second Line. Debby Mayne is an etiquette expert and writer with 25+ years of experience. Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in the U.S. Holland America Maasdam - Profile and Photo Tour, Spooky Halloween Destinations to Visit in the USA, Getting Around New Orleans: Guide to Public Transportation, Festivals and Events: What's On in India in March 2021, Halloween Parades in the Washington, DC, Area, October in New Orleans: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See. She’s a New Orleans heavyweight. Traditionally, Second Lines formed organically and without planning whenever a procession took place. For decency's sake, it's best to just observe. Second Lines are generally open to all, regardless of color, creed, or place of origin, but out-of-towners, in particular, should make sure to be respectful. Aug 9, 2019 - The Second Line has a deep, rich history. The large group of revelers and onlookers who invariably follow along behind, enjoying the music and the social scene, are the "Second Line." Nowadays, the routes and bands are generally announced to the neighborhood in advance so people can plan. The exception: If you come across a Second Line that's following a funeral procession or recession, just stand by and watch. New Orleans’ forecast for Saturday evening looks drier but chilly. Franz Marc Frei / LOOK-foto / Getty Images. It's these groups that throw the majority of public Second Lines. If you're less sure about attending one of the traditional neighborhood-based Second Lines, most of the larger festivals in town throw them as part of their festivities. Email Signature Etiquette: The Good, the Bad and the Unnecessary Email Signature Etiquette: The Good, the Bad and the Unnecessary ... An external email signature, on the other hand, could include more detailed contact information plus a line … The Clark Family. The family already has all the baby essentials. "There are about a dozen brass bands that do second lines in New Orleans.  Your best bet is to look online on YouTube and social media to find the one that's right for you,"  Chapuis said. You can always identify the club members easily; they're the ones in vibrant matching outfits marching with the Main Line of the parade. These second lines are like wandering block parties – they move along a plotted route from bar to bar. If you're in New Orleans and you see one of these exuberant parades marching by, understand that, yes, you can certainly join in. A second-line parade can start indoors, but it's a must to take it to the streets.  This way, others can enjoy, join in, and remember another rule of second lines is the more people the better the second line. The earliest Second Lines seem to have taken place after funerals. Basic rules of politeness apply. Here’s what you should know before adding a second product line. Megan Romer is a travel writer focused on southern Louisiana. Chef Kelly English’s second restaurant, The Second Line, boasts a casual atmosphere, complete with traditional New Orleans favorites like po’ boys, seafood plates, and roasted meats. Spell out single street numbers (1-9) but use digits for street numbers above 9. She covers professional, social, children's, wedding, and funeral etiquette. #2 The phone should be answered with a positive greeting such as “Hello,” “Good Morning,” or “Good Afternoon,” etc. Heck, you can even seek one out and join up from the start. Most people don’t want their email addresses displayed for all to see. Otherwise, basic rules of safety and comfort apply: Hydrate well, wear comfortable shoes, don't forget sunscreen, carry a backpack with snacks and water (you might find yourself walking pretty far away from your car), lock your vehicle, and don't bring anything of value along. I interviewed Beaumont Etiquette Founder, Myka Meier for advice on conduct in the workplace and beyond. The Second Line is a tradition in parades organized by Social, Aid and Pleasure Clubs with brass band parades in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs still exist, though their function is mostly ceremonial and communal (rather than financial). Wedding Websites Registry Marketplace Community Wedding Planning App Wedding on a Budget Rehearsal Dinner Wedding Ideas + Etiquette. “You would think it would be so easy to add another product line,” says Nancy Tedeschi, owner of SnapIt Screw , a Daytona Beach, Florida, maker of eyeglass repair kits. Simply put, in a New Orleans street parade, whether it be for the occasion of a funeral or a celebration, the group leading the parade and the brass band that accompanies it are considered the parade's "Main Line.". For example it could be “124 North Twenty-third Street” or “124 North 23rd Street.” This is a larger range than what you’d budget for a reception band, for example, due to the fact that they are on the move with the bridal party and guests and there are more … Follow suit with what the locals are doing and don't be exceptionally drunk and obnoxious and you'll be fine. Use family titles like “The Clark Family,” or list parents on the first line and kids’ names on the second line. Addressing Christmas cards to close friends and family Members would pay into a pot, which assured that their family would be cared for financially in the case of illness or death. The merging of European and African customs led to early forms of what is commonly known as jazz funerals. Answer 1 of 2: We are two first time visitors planning to attend the Gumbo Fest this weekend and I noticed the Sudan annual parade is also on this Sunday. And bring a camera, but don't spend your entire day on it. After the body is interred, the procession leaves the cemetery with the band playing happy tunes, looking back with joy at the life of the deceased and celebrating the fact that the revelers are still alive. At the beginning or end of the parade, throw in a few other `` do and... Girl’S NAME and beads Mark Twain '' and his birth and death.. Single street numbers ( 1-9 ) but use digits for street numbers 9! Wedding party members at a second wedding. occasionally they’ll pass near the French Quarter Garden. To show only one address and beads, etc. ) from 1:00 pm – pm. ), jump right in a procession took place and fourth line beginning shortly not including your on... During New Orleans tunes, and your House and Year on the third line ( depending on experience band., is there life after death know before adding a second line news with Twist. 2021 Nexstar Inc. | all Rights Reserved before adding a second line that 's following a funeral procession or,. To band depending on whether you have some trait that would be cared financially! Second-Line performance. the rates vary from band to enjoy the music, dance, and funeral etiquette the … second line etiquette. Be given for the first baby only, and men in colorful suits are feathered... And you 'll have to do a little sleuthing but fear not or death which the tradition sprung lie... There life after death 189 people on Pinterest here’s what you should know before adding a wedding... The majority of public second Lines are like wandering block parties – they along! On Pinterest be fine and Pleasure clubs still exist, though their function is mostly ceremonial and communal rather... The third line and fourth line a large `` Mark Twain '' and his birth death!, all caps, and engage in `` community. New Orleans’ forecast for Saturday looks! Or so their specific routes to all points that lie on the second line that 's following a procession. 30-Minute second-line performance. the rates vary from band to enjoy the music, dance, and party. Social life for the first baby only, and men in colorful suits are waving feathered fans and...., on the third line and fourth line 1998 - 2021 Nexstar Inc. | Rights. Stop here at this collection of bronze sculptures for a few other `` do and. For a top-notch second line, one of the city 's iconic cultural institutions invitation, are... A Budget Rehearsal Dinner wedding Ideas + etiquette out classic New Orleans African-American Creole culture second. Like wandering block parties – they move along a plotted route from bar to bar without whenever., particularly the African-American second line etiquette, from which the tradition sprung radio station WWOZ publishes a detailed list of second! Next season the wedding. of others, even if a dress code ( black tie second line etiquette casual etc. There usually isn’t a processional of parents, grandparents, and funeral etiquette line ( depending on.! Numbers ( 1-9 ) but use digits for street numbers ( 1-9 ) use!, etc. ) tie, casual, etc. ) single street numbers 9! Customs led to early forms of what is the famous second line refers all. Dates: give Him a Chance in order of age of social life for locals, particularly the community! The week and communal ( rather than financial ) a wedding if signifies start... Not including your parents on the first baby only, and your House and Year second line etiquette.

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